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Dubbed the most inspiring video on the internet. I am not sure if that’s true but it certainly inspires me.

If this guy can lose the pounds then so can you!

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Diet & Weight Loss News

  • Whether you want to stay sharp in the workplace or protect your cognitive abilities as you age, we have found some memory-boosting tips that can help you.
  • Current medications for insulin resistance may promote weight gain as a result of increased lipid production, but a new study may have found a solution.
  • A large study of nearly 80,000 women suggests that being underweight puts women at a significantly higher risk of experiencing early menopause.
  • A look at hairline fractures, a condition resulting in small cracks in the bones of the lower leg. Included is detail on the risk factors.
  • In this article, we delve into the numbers behind obesity in the United States and worldwide. We cover childhood obesity and the associated health risks.
  • A look at water fasting, eating no food and drink only water for a set period. Included is detail on safety, the scientific research, and what to expect.
  • Stevia is a zero-calorie sweetener that many people use to reduce their calorie intake. In this article, we look at the risks and side effects.
  • Research reveals that complex carbs have a taste of their own and suggests that people sensitive to it may be more likely to seek starchy foods.
  • Salt cravings are usually the result of simple factors, such as boredom or stress. Sometimes, salt cravings can be tied to a medical condition. Learn more.
  • The relationship between obesity and asthma is complex. The latest study looks at the impact of obesity on hospital readmission for children with asthma.
  • weight loss Visit Pounds And Inches Away for more weight loss information and how to get started on a HCG diet.